What's a way to know if a girl has interest in you?

Bf has this female friend that irks the hell out of me since he's texting her paying more attn to than me. I can text the same witty thing and he'll just read it and when she say is something he's like "hahaha (reply)" he has snuck behind my back to hang out with her for the last 5 days. When he first met her I didn't like how she was texting him so I told him to cut ties with her and he said he did

Yesterday I caught him hanging out with her doing coke together. He told me he can't be here with me and left with her to some hotel and made me stay at his home. I found out he only came back since she had to go home. He swears they didn't do anything and they don't like each other (mind you she is really pretty)

She's always texting him smiley and winking faces and made a comment how she's so honored he picked her to hang out with over me (gf of 4 years)
I'm really jealous that her friendship with my bf is taking away his attn from me...

He told me that she hasn't made any moves but I said JUS COS SHE doesn't THROW HERSELF AT U doesn't MEAN she's NOT INTERESTED
Then he said if there's a sure fire way of knowing she likes him he'll cut all ties!! UGHHHH this is sooo frustrating. He's known her for 5 days but says it feels like he's known her longer.

So even though the proof is in the texts. How do I show him she likes him?


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  • Who cares whether she has interest in him? He's clearly "cheating" on you as you define it. You stay with him at your own peril.


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  • he's lying to you. He either is or will be cheating.


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