Is my ex dating her or are they just friends and nothing more?

A few hours ago I went to my door just to look out. And I seen my ex driving down my street going to the mall. He usually gose the other way to the mall. and I knew that was him because I know the color of his car. But anyways so my thing was to just get out the door so he don't see me or that I feel like I'm watching him. But anyways I just close the door a little to he didn't see me. So as I was watching him I felt like it was safe to open a little. Yeah ok lol you can say I was kinda of spying on him. But anyways so he's in the parking lot and he gets out facing his car towards my house. Now on ever other Friday we have this thing that's call FNL means Friday Night. Live an he usually go over to get an pick up some pizza from the pizza place in the mall. Then all of a sudden my nervs was bouncing all over the place as if another feeling or someone. But anyways I was clocking the time how long he was in there an plus I seen him by himself. So it was like 5 ish still going on 6. So I said maybe he was on a date or eating in the place. But when he finally did come out the building I close the door back up. And I could not see much but it looked like as if he was with someone like give them a hug an kiss and walked away after a way. But like I said I could not see much but what I did see a little as if he was hiding her gbehind the wall when kissing her. He didn't seem much into it but he didn't hold back either. and she went her way an he went his. But when he did get back in his car he came driving back down my street again an was kinda going fast. And I closed the door all the way! but I have asked a few psychics and they haven't said he was with her he just likes her and she's been chaseing after him. But they did say he has feelings for her but he really wants me or still like me to. But sometimes I feel like he has moved on but not moved on. And he hasn't called me asked me to hang out or he's not all over me like he used to be or flirt. So do u know?


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  • Um I think you need professional help. Find a hobby and stop being so obsessive. Really psychics? I hope this is troll question.

    • Yeah I know it's a bet crazy. But I wanted to know.. and I do need to have much more going on with myself. And stop begin this way with my ex bf.

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