Ex Blocked me off Facebook and acts very angry around me, yet still looks at me very often,?

This has been happening for 6 months now. I went no contact with her 2 days after the break up. Shortly after I took her off Facebook . She didn't.

Fast forward, I think she blocked my Facebook a couple months ago or so. But why? I mean I took her off my Facebook , she must have seen that. Why bother blocking me?

She gets super angry at me for no reason and in front of her friends.

I catch her looking all the time and whenever we do cross paths she tries so hard to ignore me.

The worse thing is is that I still really, really like her...


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  • Who broke up with whom?

    If you take her off Facebook , that means she doesn't have you on Facebook either.

    You say that she blocked you two months later. Did you check up on her two months later or did you frequently check her Facebook up until those two months?

    Maybe she likes you and is just putting on a show around her friends to show that she emotionally strong.

    And looking at you doesn't mean much. Is it an pissed off look? A sincere look that says I regret what I did?

    There's a lot missing from this. It's hard to tell what's really on her mind especially without a backstory.

    • I didn't want it be such a long boring question. I just added the most recent facts.

      She broke up with me. She wanted to be friends, I said no and went almost instantly into NC. I unfriended her on Facebook (not a block), so she could still have been stalking me. Yes I was checking up on her, but why does that matter? There's no way she could've seen that I was.

      Looking doesn't mean anything? Seriously? What about when you're strangers? Does that not mean anything?

      It's not a pissed off look. It's the kind of look she gave me when we first met - well really similar anyway.

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  • she must reaally love you. i know, that seems weird. but she is trying so hard to mask what she really feels. blocking you meant she doesn't have to see your Facebook at all, the whole anger part is because she wants to be over you, but isn't. and she looks at you because i mean she loves you. It might be hard to understand, but i have done the exact same thing.

    • Well, yeah that might be why. Even though it was really short, we did have a great time together. I met her parents after only 2 weeks and even they told me that they thought she had fallen for me. We would lie in her bed watching films some times and she would just constantly stare at me.
      We went on 2 road trips together too. Both of them were really just for me, but she insisted she wanted to come.

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  • By blocking you, you won't be able to see her profile. Which you could do if you did a friend search. So you may want to block her for that reason too.

    I don't know or care about the reason for the break up. But that is most likely the reason for her anger. If she is that angry with you. She is probably looking at you and think how much you disgust her.

    If its been 6 months. I think it's time you move on. And stop worrying about what she is doing on Facebook . It's none of your business.

    • Her initiating a block means neither of us can search for each other. So there's not need for me to block her. The break up is definitely not the reason why she's angry. Even though I initiated NC 2 days after the break up, she would still contact me, and do would her friends.

      The real reason why she is angry with me - she told me this directly - is because of what happened between me and my ex friend (her close friend) back in December . He went on to lie to her about something incredibly serious and she took his side because of the friendship they have.

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    • And P.S, why look at me so much then? If it was in pure disgust then surely it wouldn't be as often. Remember indifference is the pole opposite of love.

    • @ironeddie... Well that's the thing. The only times I see her is when I go on a night out. She's out every time I go out. And she always hangs around with my prick, backstabbing of an ex friend. I can't stand being around him to be honest. I remember I gave her a smile once when we made eye contact, she did look down and give a small smile.

  • Happened with me too few days ago.
    The best thing you can do here is "Forget about her" man.
    Life is too short to waste it behind a single girl :)

  • She is probably looking at you to size you up in order to find a proper artery to stab you in so that you bleed to death quickly. Women are rascals.


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