Why would a man act like this all of a sudden? I'm very, very confused!!! Is he bipolar?

I'm SO confused by his mixed signals, if you can call it that. First of all I'm not naive and I'm aware he might just walked away like that bc he is a jerk. But still can you give me your opinions?

Long story short:
-We both had a crush on each other since we first met.
-He knows my parents and I know his.
-He is my neighbor.
-He knows me well to know if sex was what he wanted he won't get it from me.
-He did lots of nice, some VERY nice things to show me his interest.
-He DID told me he would like to have something serious with me someday.
-For the most part he was the one showing more physical affection towards me (kissing, hugging, compliments), but I did not acted like I just wanted ttention, I DID reciprocate the affection.
-He asked me for my number and said was nervous to contact me.
-His mom know me for long time now, and he asked her about me, he wanted to know about me, and told her he liked me.
-He is separated from his wife since a year and a half, and currently ending the divorce process, because he is having trouble with a shared custody of his son.
-He is 35, I'm 25.
-He texted me for a few days after he got my number. sometimes I would initiate it by a simple "good morning" or "how was your day?" I was never texting him 24/7 or so.

But the days after our first official date he just stopped texing me, just like that. A couple days later he passed by my house on his car, I'm outside and he didn't even looked at me, when he used to wave at me before. He lives like six houses away from mine.

We did not fight, we had a great time, laughs, fun, and there's no reason why we should be mad. So he confuses me by acting this way now. I mean why would he even stop talking to me out of the blue, I mean we are neighbors and his mom and I are good friends, so what's the point?

I'm not even heartbroken or sad, I mean this happened in such a short period (1 week) I'm just SUPER confused!! What do you think?


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  • He went on date because he felt an interested in you. Remember he's going through a divorce and its coming to the final part. Things with him is heating up and the psychological effect of dealing with it may/ may not be affecting him. And still have difficulty negotiations with shared custody of his son ( flesh & blood) probably loves him very much. He's probably worried about that. Give him time, he got a lot on his plate. Ex wife, son, possible financial decisions. Not doing anything to upset ex wife while custody decisions are being made. You just don't know...Do you even know why they're divorcing. Your 25 and he's 35 and he's got serious baggage, and his baggage could be complicated. So wait and see he could be doing you a favor by dodging that bullet or being a man and staying away as to not get you caught up in the drama but either way...Faith and patience will be your guide. So think about he's not coming to see, call, text me me me. Did I I I do something wrong. It sounds like he shed some light on his situation so he sort of prepared you for what he's going through. It sounds serious. Divorce and a kid. WOW!!!

    • Well I do know why he is divorcing since he told me that himself since the minute he expressed interest in me, he came honest to me. And yes he told me he had a lot of things going through his mind right now, so I thought of respect his decision if he wants to stay silent, even if he never comes back to me that way, still, will respect his decision.And yes he also talked about financial problems. Like you said "Faith and patience" is what I'm going to need the most and in due course I might get my answer.

      -Thanks a lot for your great answer!

    • Most of all don't give up one little call won't hurt just to say hi and ask how he doing...good luck

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  • He just isn't interested in you. You went on a date and he doesn't think you're compatible.


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