How can I break up with someone when we both are in love with each other?

I've known him for a month, and we were together four times, for hours. Our feelings developed stronger than we both anticipated in such a short amount of time.

I talked to my parents about him, of how much I was happy, and everything. But when I told them he is (31) and I am (25), the fact he lives at home (he's helping his family), and has no car and no license (cause of speeding). They don't feel comfortable with me dating him.

I understand their concerns and worries, but he makes me feel special, he cares about me, he enjoys spending time with me. I mean we literally talk every single day, whether it be text or over the phone.

Anyway, I tried so many ways to get my mom okay with my dating him, I even suggested that he would meet them so he can set their minds at ease and see that they misjudged him.

I really had no choice which isn't fiat to me or to him, cause I'm not even going to get the chance to see what could have happened. So I had told my mom that, I am taking a break from dating/relationships and I am going to focus on getting a good job, and try to re-discover myself. Of course it upsets me, cause it means I won't see the guy I love but I am not about to life and go behind my parents back to see him. And If I say I am seeing him anyway, there's going to be all this hostility living with my parents. I can't bear the thought, it's hard enough as it is.

So I have to end it, and hope that maybe there's a chance we will be together again. Problem is I don't know how. He was my first boyfriend for a week, I don't know if that counts. And he says, "if you give up on us my heart will be crushed."


Also I'd move out but I don't have enough income yet, I need a better job.
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I ended it. Glad I did, he ended up being verbally abusive.


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  • i wouldn't listen to your parents. if you are genuinely happy, then you should follow your heart. this is advice my dad once gave me. as he put it, if i truly believe that i am doing the right thing, then i should be with that person no matter what, because one day they (he and mum) will be gone, and i will only have what I've made for myself, and who is he to judge what is right for me in matters of the heart.

    • It doesn't seem to matter to my mom. And she knows how hard this is for me. I cried hysterically in front of her, twice. I don't want to lose him. But she feels me taking a break and focusing on the job aspect and stuff is a mature decision. She is super overprotective of me.

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    • I guess it's a different from a parents perspective. Cause it doesn't matter to me. But anymore than 8 years for me personally, is too much. And that video was uh...interesting. I think I still have a lot to think about. And I think meeting my guy in person will be best, so we can really talk things out, unlike through texting or over the phone, it ain't right.

    • parents always want whats best for their kids, and always think they can/could do better.

      but only you know if this guy really genuinely makes you happy

  • Oh well if I were you don't just let him go so easily there's no telling what the future might hold for you

  • Keep seeing him. You are over 18, it's your decision and you shouldn't be affected by your parents' opinion


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