What does it mean when you message your ex after a year telling him you still loved him and he tells you that he needs more time to respond?

Me and Mr X suddenly ended. I simply one day stopped hearing or seeing him. I messaged him twice last year asking how he was and he just ignored my messages. Last week I couldn't take it that it has been a year and although he has a girlfriend now and I still feel the same way I did last year. So I messaged him anonymously (made fake account) and told him that I wanted to remain anonymous because I didn't want to affect his relationship but I just wanted to let him know that he changed me and I appreciated and loved him for it which he didn't even open that message. He messaged me under my real name and asked if it was me and I told him that it was. He ignored my message once again so I messaged again and told him that he can ignore my message once again if he wanted but I just ask him to read what I sent to him under the fake account. It was a really nice message and it's not like I was asking him for anything just simply telling him thank you and I wanted to make sure he knew. Then he replied back and said "I'm not ignoring you. I don't mean to do it and I'm sorry that I have. But I just need more time to give you a response." What is that even supposed to mean? Why does he need to think about it?


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  • me personally (and honestly most of the guys i know) usually just completely ignore any awkward situation.. regardless of how we really feel... its just easier that way

    • Ignore as in tell me he needs time but really he will just not respond back?

    • i think he'll respond.. at least from what i read on your post. i wouldn't expect it anytime soon, though.

    • Yeah I'm definitely not counting on it anytime soon lol. But it's just I feel if he wanted nothing to do with me, he could have just said something like thank you and I'm happy that I made a difference in your life, and that's it, you know? It's really that simple to cut it off with someone. Because obviously it goes without saying if he showed no interest, I won't ever message again. But that "I need time" is reaaaally making me lose my patience. Or maybe I'm just being a girl and thinking too much into it lol

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  • He doesn't trust you.

    • Trust? What do you mean? How is that relevant to what I posted?

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    • I was talking about u asking ME the question.

    • Oh. Well, again I didn't mean to sound rude. You didn't give me enough to know what you were referring to as my post didn't revolve anywhere about trust. No need to be sensitive. Either way, I appreciate your insight. It definitely made me consider other things

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  • I think there are a slew of thoughts going through his mind. Its very awkward to have someone who you wronged, to come out of the woodwork and message you with a heartfelt message. I'm assuming he didn't want to deal with confrontation hence him just leaving the relationship and not giving you common courtesy. With that thought in mind, this message you sent may just put him in a place of guilt for not being forthcoming about his intentions of the old relationship, and just leaving you with out a word. Honestly, I wouldn't know what to say either in this situation. Maybe he expected you to hate him, and instead you're saying something positive. My opinion is speculation of course. Hr is likely just as confused about your message as you are of his response. Its an awkward situation at best.


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