The pain of not knowing, is it unfair to ask for closure?

I think I was recently let down easy by a girl, but she wasn't clear in what she meant and I just really want to know what happened. I know sometimes it's impossible to get closure, but this is the first girl I ever really cared about, and the pain of not knowing is unbearable. Is there a way in which I could ask her to talk with me? Has anyone else been in this situation?


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  • You could just ask her to meet up with you somewhere so you guys can talk. Express to her how you feel about her. Even if she doesn't feel the same way about you. You will have that closure that you did what you could by letting her knw how you felt.


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  • I've been in that situation.
    I am in that situation right now lol..
    I didn't find it unfair, but I never got any of my answers. it was all "idk" or he'd avoid it so it's really up to the person.
    but if you push it too far you might lose them so just gotta be careful

  • What did she say to you as the "light letdown"? Were you involved or just told her you liked her?

    • we had been dating exclusively, and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship. I tried to give her space but she started barely responding to my texts (one-word answers). So now I'm trying to get over it but I just don't understand how things changed so quickly. She said she liked me and I even met her parents.

    • I actually went through something similar once on her end. She probably really does/did care about you. Really did feel something for you at some point.. but it seems like she's afraid of being in a relationship and it's not your fault. Unless you said something to her that made her pull back. In my case the guy was accusing me of hooking up with other guys when I wasn't and we hadn't even been in a relationship yet.. just really liked each other and would spend a lot of time together. His self-righteous attitude when he was trying to pressure me into things when I wasn't comfortable was bad. If you're not like that, then chances are something has happened to her in the recent past to cause her to feel numb or unable to open up to others for awhile. It might be best to leave her alone for a little while.

    • I'm not sure what happened, but she has completely ignored me the past two weeks, which I've texted twice and called once. I don't get it

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  • it may be better just to move on. sometimes, it really is better just now knowing


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