Need some opinions.. Please be brief.. Thanks.. what to do? I am so confused?

Its been almost 5 years since me and my ex broke up. At first we talked that after a year we'll get back together. But 14 days before d 1 yr. deadline I had a new girlfriend she was a kind nice girl that i can't let pass without knowing her more.. Thats why i made her my gf. I didn't have the guts to tell my ex that i had a new girl but eventually she knew about it and 3months after she also has her new boyfriend. We still talk/text from time to time for more than 4years now after our break up but at d same time we have our own different stable relationships.. I've been together with my girlfriend for more than 4yrs now and she and her boyfriend for almost 4 years now. But sometimes me and my ex talked about that we do not feel the same way with our present bf/gf as we felt with each other in the past. The connection is different. Our problem now is why are we still in love with each other when we already have our own different relationships for 4 years. And me and my ex were together for just almost 3years. Should we get back together? What are we going to do? I dont want to be an asshole and break up with my girl just to get back with my ex.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Since the chemistry is still there with your ex, you two sound like you are in love, I say go for it!

    • I dont know if we're still in love or it is just the friendship. But she's willing to leave her present gf to get back with me and i dont have any reason to leave my present gf except that we dont have the same connection that i have with my ex.. I still dont know what to do.. Tsk..

    • said in your post that you two are still in love. When people are not married, they don't have to have a legitimate reason to stay or leave. I know this is such a lame example, but look at "the notebook!" The girlfriend had a really great fiance but the connection she had with him wasn't the same connection she had with her ex.

What Guys Said 1

  • You should get together and give it a try.. but i must warn you that every attraction has an expiry date..

    good luck


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