Obnoxious exboyfriend that I am in love with!?

I dated my ex-boyfriend 4 a year. when he dumped me he called me all kind of names like whore, slut, bitch and so on why would he do that? He went as far as changing the locks on our apartment door as I was leaving. no I don't him back. I just want to no why he would that.


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  • Well I would say because he is a selfish man who has no care for your feelings. Also if you did something he may be reacting with verbal abuse.

    • I don't think I did anything wrong. I am a personal trainer and most of my clients are guys. I can't help if my clients hit on me. they all new I lived with my boyfriend. he accused me of cheating, but I never did and he had no proof.

    • Well it is unfortunate you were not able to communicate with each other effectively. good luck

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  • That is blatant immaturity at its finest. Find someone better who won't disrespect you in such demeaning ways


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