Why do I still miss someone that treated me like crap?

Its been 7 months since we broke up and although at times he really cared for me, he treated me like crap.
After we broke up he begged me not to because he said he really loved me, but to hurt me he got a new girlfriend just 3 weeks after.
Now and again I can still feel that I miss him and I just don't get why, when he hurt me so much?


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  • you loved someone, it didn't work out, so you are grieving for the loss.

    Tell yourself that he treated you like crap, that you deserve better. He got a new girlfriend just 3 weeks after saying he really loved you, he wants to hurt but you can't let him get his way

    Give yourself time. Maybe you dont really miss HIM but the company, the feeling of dating. But it doesn't mean you have to rush into another relationship. Let yourself feel the pain, embrace it don't hide or avoid it. Eventually you will move pass it

    • Thanks this helped a lot

    • I am going through the same thing myself. Mine dumped me 8 months ago. And I sometimes still get crappy days because of it.

      But I guess learn to forgive yourself. it's hard esp you are the kind of person who's hard on yourself (I am...), but eventually you can starting feeling it.
      Good luck!

    • You're right I am really hard on myself. I make myself feel guilty about everything. I am sorry you are going through something similar. But its nice we can help each other. Like you said we have to forgive ourselves, and move on, to the bright future we have ahead :) Good luck to you to

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  • Why do those captured begin to like their captors? (Patty Hearst)
    Yes, very odd

    As for him, he just needs to be dependent on a gal and what she can do for him... ANY gal. If he doesn't get what he wants, she gets treated like crap. When he gets what he wants, he makes lasting memories... that you still have.
    Hey - other guys are not so bipolar, dear - go shopping

  • It's because you loved him. This is a similar sort of trauma you'll get after losing a parent or a sibling.

    Leave it with the past.

  • he's an idiot, you deserve better. His loss. hope someone elses gain

  • because you dont have strong personal boundaries

  • leave the memories alone


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