Would you ever dump a guy you like as a prevention?

My girlfriend broke up with me from a great relationship stating she had too much pressure coming from being a full-time student and working part-time. The relationship had been taking a lot of time from her schedule and she said daydreaming about it had made concentration on her schoolwork much harder.

A week before she broke up with me, she received an acceptance letter to a college that would take her 4 hours away from me.

The relationship had been nothing but perfect in my eyes up to that point and I was shocked when she broke up with me, asking for reasons why she had been distant and subsequently broke up with me over a week.

She told me about the timing being off right now, I asked what about when we're both done for the Summer at which point she said if she was still with me at the end of Summer, she wouldn't want to go to the new college anymore.

Ladies, have you ever dumped someone you liked for similar reasons? She would always tell me how much every aspect of her life was so much better with me in it, and as much as she avoided me over the last week of the relationship, the one time we talked on the phone she was laughing and having a good time, just like she always had with me.

Additional details: Since the breakup she has been avoiding all contact with me, even unfriended me on Facebook 3 weeks in. I know she still has some exes on there and we didn't have a nasty breakup or anything. I texted her "Hi" after two weeks and she never answered.

Is it possible she dumped me to prevent herself from falling deeper?


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  • I am kind of dating this guy right now and I don't care about my school work at all anymore. I do the homework assignments, memorize the information needed for exams, show up for every lecture and tutorial no matter how tired I am and make sure I ace everything that I do but my heart isn't in the school work - I go through the motions but I'm not emotionally involved in what I do. Right now my relationship is 10 - 20x more important to me than my grades even though I have a 94% average or a 4.0 at my college. I can understand this. I think she broke up with you because she realized that she needs to put school and grades first. It's unfortunate that long term relationships don't solidify well when you are younger but if you focus on your school work and chase success you will be able to form a stable relationship leading to marriage and children when you are older.


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  • i would never do that. i value relationships more than anything.


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