Is she just messing with me now?

Me and this girl that were kinda dating, said she loved me I said it back. Then she took it back the next day saying we should just be friends with benefits. Then i had too many feelings so she asked for just friends, I said I couldn't do that right now.

Rewind to Friday when we had the final talk saying we shouldn't hang out or talk. She hit me up that night while she was out with some guy at a Dance formal that she was supposed to bring me to. She Texted and called me the next night, and that morning saying hey, whats up, are you ok? We kept the conversation short.

Last night she said she wanted to talk I went over to hers and we watched a movie. But as soon as I got there she was editing pictures of her and her date and other guys she was with in front of me... She was saying how much fun it was, and we didn't touch at all when normally we would hold hands and cuddle etc... I kept my calm despite her doing that in front of me. I slept on the couch, she woke me up and made me breakfast. She was nicer in the morning. Said we didn't need to talk anymore and that it would just complicate things more.

Did she just invite me over to get a reaction out of me? She knew I would be bitter over that, maybe she was expecting me to start drama with her that night? What does she want from me..


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  • Don't play her games. That's really hurtful. I knew I did this to an ex to get attention. And because I treated him like this when it was my turn to chase him he wasn't very nice... Ended up breaking up with me via MySpace (back in the day) by forwarding back a mean message of me breaking up with him the first time and added to it. Then proceeded by blocking me everywhere and not picking up my calls. So that is the type of relationship this will be.

  • It sounds like she's just playing games. It seems to me, she wants you to chase her.


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