Bf told his dad he wants to be single?

Ok I've given him plenty of chances to tell me what's on his mind but he swears he wants to be with me and I'm really special to him yet he tells his dad he wants to be single?

How should I approach this. I've been trying to give him space and be happy, not talking about our relationship.

And I don't want him to know his dad has told me this... Like I don't know if he was falsley venting because sometimes I do too but never to an extreme of wanting to be single...


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  • he might be lying to his dad..

    • Last night our mutual friend told me she told him I'm afraid he'll leave and he said he never said that

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    • lol ok i'll try that even though i button mash and stuck looking at the ceiling while running into walls haha :) thank you for the advice... i'll try that this weekend :)

    • lolzzz hahaha i can imagine a girl doing that :P you're welcome :)

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  • will u please message me?


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