Does she want to get back together?

hang out with my ex girlfriend still, and we end up making out pretty much every time I see her. Although, I only see her once every month or two. I'm the one who broke up with her when we were together.She is still a virgin, so we don't really do much besides kissing. She asked me if we were to have sex if it would just be casual sex. I told her yes, and then she said that she couldn't do that. I don't want a relationship with anyone.Do you think that she was telling me that she wants to get back together?


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  • Sounds like you are a little confused but for her she misses you she wants you back, hence she see's you every so often just to see you, she'll take friends over nothing. But she obviously does not want just casual sex she wants something meaningful with you, if you can't give her that walk away

  • She misses you, but because you don't want a relationship and aren't thinking the same as her in terms of sex, she doesn't want to get back together.


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