Bf broke up with me pushed me away cause he is scared?

Bf broke up with me after three months of being really close and happy. I asked him when we were together if he was happy he said he couldn't be more happier. Told me that he felt in love with me but wasn't ready to say I love you.
Day before he dumped me he told me I was special and missed me. The following are message he sent me from couple days before to the morning of day he dumped me:

Good. As long as some one is with you.  yeah not long now. xxxx
Haha well you would be wrong! xx
It'll be gone before long babe. I'm going to bed now babe. Miss you. xxxxxxxx
Lol. Sorry can't be there all the time
True that! xxxx  his reply to some day we will wake up.everyday together
You like asking the awkward questions don't you. Honestly i don't think that far ahead cos plans get messed up. xx about us living together in future I know shouldn't of asked
No i just don't tempt fate. xx about our future
Its definitely different. Lol..about purpose connection
well you are special  same as above he then I'm.special
 well I'm going to bed now anyway. Night babe. xxxxxx would.send same every single.night
Well I'm gla d you've been taking it easy! You should be. Lol. x

Miss u xxxxx
Looking forward to seeing you xx
morning babe you ok xxxxx
Hate my time.away from u babe xx

now.his excuse is that he likes me but doesn't c it going beyond that. Two days before he did he said that he would tell me he loves me just not yet.
Also his choices to.come stay with me three times a week other four days he had his son. Also in three months he always text me everyday.

P.s when we first got to together we knew each other 4 two weeks couple for one he freaked out dumped me saying he didn't like me.enough came bk a month later admitting he was terrified of eventually getting hurt he thought I and me and him were to good true. But after a month he still missed me and was thinking about me so said he got over his fear. Clearly he hasn't pls help


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  • he didn't like you? please explain.

    • sorry i said he said he didn't like me as a girlfriend first time we ended, but later said it was a lie he was just scared, is that the part you meant?

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    • so then, it takes time.

      if you really like him. if you really want to be with him. show him your commitment. no don't seduce him. it will create a more negative response and he might avoid you more to not be tempted.

      show him that you love his son too. show him that you respect him, you respect the way he thinks. when he sees you respect him and is there for him, he will think you are a keeper.

      there is this quote:
      'If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.

      but still, show you are not giving up on him. anything else, let me know ;)

    • Thank you. I didn't speak to.him for a few days and now he seems to message me daily mostly asking how I am and my health as I recently had surgery. And seems to be worried avput me he is.not friends with any females and doesn't stay in contact with his ex so really he could of.not stayed in contact. Admits that he still misses me. I will check that movie out definitely

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