Have you ever 'stalked' an ex? Have you ollowed him/her around, and determined what he/she had been doing after your break-up?

Things like watching where he/she goes and with whom? Or playing detective and 'tailing' him/her, following his/her new romantic friend, or asking mutual friends what he/she had been doing?
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'Followed' around..I used to depend on Spell Check, there isn't one on the new Gag!

NO answers here? Lets' get real, of course a lot of you have followed an ex around...
Not ONE guy will admit to having done this!! I did on one occasion..well, a couple..


Most Helpful Girl

  • I did when I was younger but I wouldn't do it now. It's not worth the heartbreak.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Well only a couple years after we broke up in hs I used to watch him drive off in his car just to see. It was really Innocent. I was sort of interested in him while he gave me mixed signals do I kept tabs on him too. I was pretty aware also what was going on in his life since he would IM me often asking how I was doing. I actually think he liked me too

  • no! once there's a breakup, there should be no more contact with the ex..(he /she no more form part of my life:he/she hurt my feelings)..he/she forms part of my past and i no more care about the person and the ex (does not give a fuck about the one he/she has been dating before)...that's why people move on in life...to find someone else who is better..the only reason why someone might still be stalking (or still caring for the ex) is that he/she has not yet accepted the separation and is not able to deal with the fact that the one he/she has been with is now giving love to someone else...

    • Well yes, but it's common that people have difficulty 'moving on.' Many if not most questions here about break-ups involve that difficulty!

    • to move on from a rupture...(i'm giving you a tip that REALLY WORKS, i've tried it)..get surrounded by the right peopleand new people (people you just met=sign of change), i.e:relatives and real friends who you are sure will encourage you to feel better...then just get rid of everything which reminds you of you ex (pics, Facebook account, gifts, etc...), while dealing with a breakup wait for a minimun period of six months before dating another person (if you date another person right after the breakup..you might not love that person and just use him/her as a way to fill the emptiness you are feeling..this might end up in hurting the person's feelings)..and put in mind that your ex no more forms part of your life and that he/she has already moved on...so why can't YOU do the same.

  • I Have only stalked him on Facebook for a few mos after breakup. I think he's doing fine now

  • Nope... Once it was done, it was done.


What Guys Said 1

  • All I did was ask a friend if she noticed another guy in her life... besides that not really - it was to keep tabs. After 6 months she still isn't...


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