How can I get my ex back, she dumped me and stated she didn't feel the same way. After realizing there were warnings I see it was my fault..HELP?

Me and my gf of 5 months broke up a week and a half ago. We took a break about two weeks ago only for her to call me and dump me a few days later. It started out great...but soon after we got comfortable I showed some jealousy when she would chat with an ex bf (absolutely friends and family friends) I now realize how controlling selfish and needy I was being , I put pressure on her to do things she didn't want to and here I am. unfortunately it took this to happen for me to absolutely realize it even though the writing was on the wall... I really love her and want her back... Any strategies? We have been broken up for about 1.5 weeks and she had texted me to thank me for dropping off her items she had left at my place... Thereafter I told her that the space was good and I felt ashamed about being controlling and selfish. We have a tentative day to meet for coffee next week...


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  • Just tell her everything you have mentioned here and see what happens.Good luck.


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