Do u think men breakup with a girl because they r afraid to settle down?

I know this is somewhat of a dumb question, but do u think a guy at age 37 would break up with their girlfriend of one year because he's afraid to settle down? he was married once before and it blew up in his face after 4 years.


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  • He could have a whole of reasons for breaking up. And unless you live in his head, please don't work yourself up over trying to figure it out. As a woman, I know what it's like to overthink all of the "whys" over a break up. Most of the ones I've come up with in the past actually cut the guy some slack. So it doesn't matter why he broke up, just that he did. And then the next question would be what should you be doing next? Thinking about why he broke up in order to try and fix him or go on about your life and meet the guy who isn't all hung up about stuff in his past?


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  • Happens more often than you would think...I feel these guys should be applauded.


    Because they are breaking up before "continuing to sow their seeds", therefore they're not cheating.

  • Yes that's an affirmative. But not necessarily so much afraid as it may be due to being unsustainable.

  • Yeah definitely, especially if he's had a troubled past with relationships. See, guys put up this front that we are all hard and don't care about relationships and companionship but we really do. All I want in the whole world is for someone to settle down with and I am a "reformed" player and all. If he is 37, he's way behind with the whole marriage thing as it is and you're just prolonging it.


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