Why is my ex trying to hide his new gf or his friend and his hickey's?

I know that I shouldn't care and I don't atless not that much. But yesterday my ex bf came to work, and when I seen him he had 1or 2 hickey's on his neck. And I don't know... if he notice or not. But I didn't say anything. So about 30 minutes had went by or maybe less. He comes in the bathroom were I was and told me that my hair looked good. And he was acting weird and kept turning to the other sidde... so after awhile he left out. Then about 15 minutes later he comes back in to help me clean up. He was close to me then move away and was looking at me like he was nervous. Then out the coner of my eye he looked in the glass. marrow and and shock his head and seem kinda of piss and had that look in his face like fuck damn she see it. And even at the end of work when I was doing my other job he comes down stairs to tell me that are othet co-worker told him to tell him to tell me not to forget that jacket. And also I notice when he was talking to me he kinda had his head bend to the side where the hickey was and still acting kinda nervous but talking slow and looked guilty looking at me. I mean I don't know what him and that girl did or maybe just made out I don't know. But if he and her are dating I don't know if they are or not. But why is he been trying to hide her and his hickey from me or nervous around me. I mean he acts as if he is not seeing anyone when I do see him at work. But outside of work I'm sure he is all over her playing gf and bf and what ever. So I don't get it. I Don't really care about who he is with and if he thinks that I'm going to try to find out or what ever then I'm not. But why is he begin this way? He should already know that I know there's another female if them passion marks ain't from me then he must be fucking someone else or kissing so why is he trying to act as if he don't want me to no or looks a shame and guilty?


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  • I think he is trying to hide the hickies and if he is dating a new girl because maybe a part of him still cares and has feelings for you.He also complimented you on your hair.So it shows that he still checks you out and thinks about you.That must be so awkward working around the ex.Maybe he feels bad and guilty for not being your boyfriend anymore.I don't think he is fully over you.But it's his lost.

    • Yeah it is. So sad to bad lol. And him and I are friend's stll I want him to be happy with who ever or what ever. He should not feel that way... he should be happy. Because on Monday after he left out the bathroom he seemed a bit mad. And yes trust me! it is very awkward with him and I working together. But all I just want him to do.. is be himself an be normal. I mean sure I still have feelings for him as well but I'm not going get bend out of shape. When you date new people or with you should be happy. I never see him smiling the way he use to when he was with me. So I don't know

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    • :) Well thank you :). You been also such a good help. And I hope you enjoy your weekend as well.

    • Your very welcome :) Im glad I was helpful. My weekend has been pretty good but it went by so fast.Lol

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