Will he give me another chance?

He told me he has always liked me and also told me twice his plan is to marry me. I have never been sure of what I wanted when he was pursuing me and gave him mixed signals and never told him how I felt. this has happend twice now. Now since he moved away I realized I do really like him and care about him. We haven't talked in a while but I want to tell him how I feel! Im going to see him in a month! Do I tell him now or wait? I think it will mean more in person! Will he give me another chance?


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  • well you didn't lose your first chance to start looking for another one, before telling him your feelings ask him if he got a new person in his life if yes then i think you should just move on (i mean he is already far away beside having some one in his life) but if not then just simply remind him of the old days and tell him you share him the same feelings he had for you and wish he still got those feelings for you.


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