Seeing my ex girlfriend is making me feel a little jealous and miserable?

The title says it all. You might think it's ridiculous that I am writing about this now when we broke up in 2010. She now works as a part time waiter at one of the restaurants we used to frequent when we were together. This girl is no longer chubby and has grown out to be a beautiful woman. I still reminisce about our times together after all she was my first everything. After running into her at the restaurant we catched up and I found out that... she dyed her hair, became more fit with a perky C cup and a round little butt, works while balancing school, more outgoing, living out her dream to become a neuroscientist, moved out to her own place, got to go to Europe and basically is living her dream. Overall she seems really happy than I am at this point. I on the other hand am doing average in school, left my dream of becoming an architect, I live with my parents, I gained a slight amount of weight but not so obvious, I was left at the alter a few months ago and I basically feel like a loser. I will never stop loving her if any of you ask.
We broke up because we drifted apart.


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  • Its not ridiculous if she was your first everything. I do think you should try and move on. Easier said then done as I have been in many relationships. You should be happy 4 her that she is trying to accomplish her dreams. Its is hard to remain friends after a breakup no matter who ended the relationship and no matter how long ago the relationship ended. Try and remember the good things that happened during the relationship and move on.


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  • if she's not with anyone try your luck with her. if not stay clear and be friends

    • Well she's not and just got out of a relationship. But I doubt she would want to be with a loser like me.

    • Well everyone is a loser one way or the other man. just try your luck.. u never know

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