My ex girlfriend who broke up with me texted me out of nowhere? Why?

My ex girlfriend who broke up with me texted me out of nowhere saying she just wanted to know how i was doing i told her i was alright we started texting for a while the she said if she could ask me a quiestion i said yea then she told me that if i was happy now? I told her i had always been happy then she started to try and flirt with me but i dint i just told her i had some stuff to do tommorow early so she said gooonight then with the kissing face what should i do text her back first or wait for her to contact me again?


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  • trust me she wants you back and is regretting breaking up with you. If she really burned you and broke your heart I would seriously think about it before trying to win her back, but as the other answerer said make her work for it. Dont be a sap and just easily let her back into your life especially after what she did to you.


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  • Do you want to get back with her? Why did you break up?

    • Yes i want her back and she said she was too stressed and worried but i know it was cause i had a lot of problems and i was kind of down at the time

    • Definitely make her work for it. Do not text her.

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