@women who were ~30 years old when you your relationship failed: How long did ur relationship last & what was the reason it didn't work out?

To women who were ~30 years old when you broke up your relationship: How long did your relationship last and what was the reason your relationship didn't work out?


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  • My sister had a relationship end at 30 and it ended because they basically grew apart. he was older than her and he was still not established and didn't really understand or love her. He loved her because of what he could get from her. He didn't like sex much and she didn't feel they had much in common anymore. They basically grew apart. However it sparked a renewal in her and she is fabulous it seems to have made her a better person.


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  • I am the 37, but close enough. I was with one guy from age 33-36 and I dumped him because he was both physically and emotionally abusive. I ended up sending him to jail. then shortly after that I was with my most recent exboyfriend from 36-37 and we broke up recently because it was his choice. I am not sure why accept he thought I was cheating on him. he had no proof and I never saw it coming since we had talked about where we were going to live next once or lease was up this June. I left once the name calling started by him because I will not put up with that.


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