How to deal with your SO's ex?

I have been with my fiancé for about 2 years. We are planning to get married this summer. He has a little girl and I love her so much. The problem is my fiancé's ex is terrible to me and him. She is always telling her daughter bad things about me even after my fiancé asked her to stop. She threatens to push for full custody with my fiancé. Honestly she scares me and give me the death glare every time I see her. She also talks bad about me to other people in the community. I know I can't stop her from doing all this but does anyone have advise on how to deal with this? I have always tried to be really nice and possible "kill her with kindness" but it hasn't seemed to work. It doesn't affect my relationship with my fiancé and we will get married no matter what, but I know I will have to see his ex regularly because of his little girl and it would be nice if she could at least tolerate me? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


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  • She is just jealous. You are living her vision and leading a good life in a romantic sucessful relationship and she is envious. My advice is just ignore all the rubbish she says about you, rise above it, know you're a better person and don't ever give her a reaction - that is what she wants. Be civil, be kind, be whatever you want but don't ever stoop to her level, she may lay off after the marriage, she is just throwing her weight around in a strop. The old green eyed monster situation, tricky one.

  • Knock the btch out. She doesn't know the rules... SHE Will learn today.. haha.. WOW.. has she know life at all? What a loser/leach ew... *Shakes head in sadness and pity*...


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