should I tell her how I feel about things or just let it go for time being?

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this girl , we sort of dated last year or were just good friends at time during summer. then she sort of went off to school in fall and we didn't really talk much and we got in an argument about things as well near end of summer.

its tough to explain the entire situation in one page but I do have a lot of feelings for her and do still miss her and want to talk to her and stay in touch. but even that seems to be difficult at this time. I don't know if I should tell her that I miss her and want to be friends again or just let it go and wait till she's back her for summer break again and likely see her then but not sure if we'll get along in future or not


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  • Let her be, you two seems wrong for each other from what you described, she's not worth it obviously.

    • well its true things didn't work out last year but I'm in a different situation now and doing much better in life and more ready to date where is last year I wanted to but really wasn't there yet and she's more mature and maybe has better idea what she wants

    • Just wait until she gets back, for now let it go

    • its frustrating cause I know she's been back home some weekends as I've seen her car at parents house but I never see her around on weekend doesn't seem to go out like she did during summer to local bars but agree it might be better to wait till I get a better chance to see her in person

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  • Tell her your feelings.

    • I had tried to send her an email but that may have been viewed as too emotional by her and her gf's. she lives near me but I seem to have a hard time getting a hold of or seeing her

    • Go to her house

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