How can I keep this going in the right direction?

Ok so ill just fill you guys in with the basics me and my ex girlfriend dated for about 3 years and about 5 months ago we decided to break up because we both had a lot of stuff going on in our life and it was a confusing time for both of us. anyways I didn't talk to her at all from the time we broke up until last night I decided to give her a call. she picked up the phone and we talked for a little bit and caught up on how each other were doing. she told me that she was glad I called and we made plans to hang out this weekend. So from what I can tell she is still somewhat interested in me right? should I text her any between the time from me calling her untill we meet up or should I just wait till I see her to talk anymore? and do you have any advice of things to make sure I say/not say this first time hanging out? thanks! and please don't waist my time by saying that we shouldn't be meeting up or anything like that


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  • Wait and see how she is with you when you meet up and go from there, don't text until the day before to check she's still up for meeting and that's all. Avoid the subject of your relationship, talk and get to know eachother again, build from scratch. Good luck!

    • when do you think it would be ok to start talking about "relationship stuff"

    • You'll just know, let the conversation flow, if the topic comes up naturally, go with it but keep it light.

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