He was at fault for our break up and now comes back after three years?

There is a saying that goes "Sometimes you need a second chance because time wasn't ready for you the first time".
He said the reason why we broke up was because before he got serious with anybody he wanted to experiment. He always told me he'd be back. I stopped all contact with him once we broke up I only texted him once to grab my things which he said he didn't have (bullshit but i didn't care) . This guy dated after me as he said but I know he didn't tell his parents like he told them about me. Kind of silly but he's friends with his parents on fb and relatives. He never changed his status or added pictures of the girl. It was only on IG where he posted pictures.
Anyways that's the backstory. I moved on or tried to cope with the absence of him. It took me a year to get back to the dating scene. I dated but it always failed nothing went right. Now he's back in my life and says he wants to be serious. Saying how he realized I am the only one he wants to be with and constantly compared girls to me. Again my bs sensor is pretty damn high. I still love him but would this be a good idea?


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  • Take everything with a grain of salt. You may start dating again, but this time around falling in love and believing in him won't be as easy, it will be earned. Go out wiht him, talk, don't be so serious right away. Analyze things, see if he has changed. In the best case scenario, he is truthful and he felt he was very young to commit. I'm not going to blame him for wanting to experiment. I'm not too young and I still wonder if I'm ready to settle with my second serious relationship. He's back and after some growing up gently poses the question, "would you take me back?".

    I say... date him. Not so seriously, like getting married in a month. Just, have in mind that a lot may have happened in these three years and perhaps he's a different guy. Date him like you would date a stranger, not a boyfriend you broke up with last week. If everything feels good, move forward, if not, you will realize. Don't be fooled a second time.


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  • Yes second chance is a good idea. Though at first, he treated you like option but he seems to realize that you are his ms right.
    I said about giving a second chance only and only because of your confession that you still love him. But yeah , keep your don't care attitude and take things lightly.


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