Have you ever had an "ex" text or call you to put you in your place when you were wrong? and if so, how did you take it?

sometimes in relationships one person blames the other for things that are really their fault.
so have you ever been in a relationship, or even involved with a guy or a girl on some level, and been mistreated and blamed for things that werent your fault but their's and then called them out on it after the fact?

i feel like this is where the "crazy ex gf" thing comes into play. there's a guy who completely disrespected me, over-thought things and as a result ruined anything that we could have had. he said he wanted to be "friends" but as hard as it is for me, im trying but he's ignoring my texts (like funny pictures etc).

i really want to text him and let him know how he blamed me for "drama" that he created on his own by over-thinking things. i'm afraid that if i do, i'll be "that girl" or labeled as "crazy".


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  • You'll certainly be seen as someone obsessed with a relationship that is OVER..and someone who always wants to have the last word.

    Maybe not 'crazy', just from a text, but you'll be wasting your time and his at this point.

    Point yourself forward, and don't look back for at least a few months, when things have stopped rankling!


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  • Don't bother with him anymore. Like Distant said, most of us won't care or be affected at all. The most you likely would get is irritation in response. It is great that you are trying to maintain friendly contact, but clearly he isn't willing.

    Me? I would just shrug it off and continue ignoring.

  • Not many guys care about what their ex has to say. I would not care the slightest about anything my ex had to say after-the-fact. It's especially weird if she wants a while before texting it.

  • I didn't just call her on it. I broke up with her and did my best to forget all about her :)


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