Eye contact with an ex? Why is ther none ?

Broke up a yr ago but remain friends Afta mayb 7 month of splitting up ! See ex now and again we will get together but can't make eye contact? I am big on eye contact being important n all ! But I don't understand why I can't look her in the eyes n why it bothers me lol so I guess I am curious as to why I can't n why it bothers me but just to b clear we was ova long Bfor the break up n I am ok her engagement n all so jus why yano?


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What Guys Said 1

  • First of all who broke up with who?

    If it was you than I can understand why he hasn't made eye contact, but if it was him then he is just thinking about what he should do or what to talk about.


What Girls Said 1

  • perhaps because the intimacy isn't there anymore and it's hard to trust now?

    • Trust is big ! We agreed friends was best n wanted to keep the friendship n we like to meet up still chat catch up but I can't for nuttin look her in the eye!

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