Decided to not redate mt ex. Help me. Advice to move on. please?

My ex and I were trying to get back together. We forgave each other for the past and agreed to fix everything wrong and to aviod miscommunication again etc etc. One thing that I will never let go is his " best friend" they been friends for 4 years. she's a very attractive girl and he even admits he like her and finds her attractive. They chill all the time she wears is clothes sometimes. she's on his bed. In the blankets like.. what I picture is friends with benefits ! he says no but overall. Im sick and tired of this. I. Really love him, I love him for him and what we have. It has nothing to do with lust. HOWEVER. We planned to see each other one night and I called him to tell him I'm on the way home. He said " im with Ana right themall " that kinda pissed me off and I jusr stopped taljing to him before I said something rude. I understand I have to respect his relationship with his "best friend" but I dont feel comfortable at all about her. I know I should get over it. But he had this way of always picking her over me. Or always getting hisbway. ALWAYS even with sex. He alwats get it and when I want it, I rarely get it. Overall. Im tired of this and tired of always feeling bad for myself. I wanna get over him and stoo talking to him. How do I do this. Do I just completely block him. And never talk to him again. Or telk him why etc etc?


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