Anyone else not get asked out after being in a long term relationship?

I was always hit on when I was in a relationship. I've been single for a year and a half and nobody hits on me anymore. Granted, I don't go out often like I used to. But I feel awful about myself. No dates, nobody interested... Guys always used to be :-( people look at me but also I am perhaps more conservative now. Not that I dressed flirty or anything..


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  • Nah, that's all bullshit... what the others said. The most hottest chicks turn ugly after you find out about their personalities. So that means us guys must have been attracted physically before getting that negative vibe, right? Yeah, so nobody is "reading" your vibes... disregard what they said.

    The problem is that you're getting older and people our age are already taken. Simple as that. You know how often I go to bars and find COUPLES instead of SINGLES? Since when the hell did bars and clubs become places for couples to hang out?

    The way you dress doesn't mean anything either. If you're hot, you're hot. You could be wearing a moo moo and it wouldn't friggin matter.


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  • Well you answered your own question. It's not that people aren't being asked out, it's that you have a negative self image (which manifests itself outward) and don't go out.

  • 1. you used to go out more
    2. you used to be happier and it showed
    3. you were probably way more open

    It all changes when you're single.


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  • Yea I have to agree with yada and reality. U came out of relationship and have some insecurities and they're showing. Was ur last break up bad that messed with ur self image? If so then once u begin to heal u should start seeing normalcy again. If not u might've given up on urself and it's showing. And the fact that u aren't really social, or as social, it's a big detriment bc ur not getting urself out there and having the opportunity to be flirted with.


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