Is my ex possibly thinking/feeling the same things as me?

Me and my ex I guess split I say I guess because we usually get right back together but im always the one to reach out to him but this time im waiting on him to reach out to me to bring him out of his comfort zone you could say its been 10 days since the whole thing and I really miss him I love him a lot I dont want to let him go and I wanna be next to him every day...I think about him all of the time...but I have to be strong and let him come to me if he doesn't reach out to me then that would mean he's not thinking about me or missing me right? ?

But what if he's thinking the same as me? What if he's waiting for me to text or call and if I dont he figures that I really am done and dont care and so he moves on?

Im going crazy...any advice?


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  • well maybe you should try and make a move. who knows, maybe he's shy or just very burned from the incident.

    • I always make the first move though he never reaches out to was a minor argument...but u dont think I should wait for him this time to make a move?

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    • Well what's going on with you? ?

    • inbox me...

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