Talking to your "ex bf" friend?

My ex and I broke up 2-3 week ago. I join okcupid to get my feet wet. His friend is on it and visit my profile 2x. I message him and tease him to stop stalking me. We were never really friends during my relationship and barely hang out. Is it weird to chat w/him? I j/k w/him and end up asking him to be my wingman on a single night. My ex has been extremely cold towards me, anyways he was already talking to someone 4 days after breakup. I hold no grudge. We are NOT dating. I feel that it's really not anyone business. If his friend want to tell him then whatever. I am not doing it as a revenge. My other 2 guys turn me down and he just broke up w/his recent girl so I figure we both can go to single night. It's an art class and you need to bring a wingman if your a girl and vice versa. He did say he likes my profile and pix. How to know if he interested? I'm honest and will never lead anyone on but I think he was kind of flirting though he was hesitated to ok as my wingman. In over my head? Thoughts?


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  • He may turn out to be a great guy. Obviously he hesitated to ok as your wingman, for the same reason you are: you both have ties to your past history.

    The fact that he was distant when you were in a relationship shows he is a good friend and trustworthy.

    Just have fun at the art class and don't overthink things too much.

    • Thanks. That's what I'm thinking. I don't want to date him and is very honest and straightforward.

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  • He's interested - but you're asking for drama playing that game

    • I don't want to date him and I'm honest and straightforward. Don't like games. My sister tells me sometimes I'm to honest.

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    • Thank you, I will watch out

    • I am the queen of Ex Boyfriend backslides haha

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