Why do people accept cheating?

My sister is one of these people and she doesn't even know it. Anyways my sister has a best friend who her husband cheated on her with some other woman. One time a friend asked my sister's husband if the guy had been with that woman before they ended it and he said he had. My sister was away so she didn't hear what her husband said. The next time we asked my sister's husband and again he said that he had cheated on her. I told my sister that why would her husband say that twice and it not be true. My sister just kept on saying maybe he wasn't right during that time because her husband drinks a lot. I told my sister that it could be true and now everyone is just saying that it just didn't work out between them. Why do they keep on saying it didn't work out between them instead of that he's a cheater.


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  • I think guys forgive because they don't have many options and it will take forever to find another girl.
    I think girls forgive out of insecurity. Girls know from the time they are in middle school they have plenty of options, but some girls will forgive cheating out of thinking they won't find anyone better.


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  • Women know men will eventually cheat, the weight the cons and the pros and usually having a lasting relationship is the best option. Plus women don't lose any social value by it, on the other hand women gets more envy when they have a pimp for a husband. On the other hand a guy is really looked down when he is in a relationship with a whore.

  • Sounds like your sister would rather have her head in the clouds pretending she didn't hear anything. I won't accept cheating.

  • There was a time I thought like you
    when I suspected (correctly) that she was cheating
    I first thought to hell with her
    then I thought what life would be without her
    leading me to think... a small blemish on a perfect apple
    when these are so hard to find (& keep)
    isn't so bad.
    What if she came clean & reformed? Maybe I could live with that and maybe she'd be better to me now that she strayed & found that path lacking.
    She didn't, in fact made up bunch of lies about me to cover up & explain to all why she would leave a nice guy.

  • Why don't people accept cheating? Why do people demand exclusivity?

    • I agree with you that not everyone can handle being with only one person. I honestly have more respect for a player than a cheater. At least they tell you they have other woman. So yes some people are just not relationship material and that's fine but why go around prentending to be something your not.

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    • No, I didn't get jealous, I got indifferent.

    • Um ok if you say so

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  • Sometimes it is just easier, less painful to live in denial of the truths that we experience in our lives. Out of sight out of mind.

    • 100% agreed. : ).Still living in denial doesn't mean the problem goes away it just becomes more painful. Thanks for answering.

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