How do I get over someone I can never be with?

I am so depressed about a man that I am in love with..but can never be with. The time I spent with him was the best moments of my life. How do I ever get over this heartbreak?


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  • I feel you girl. We've got a mad age gap going on, but that just means it happens to everyone--I'll tell you how I'm handling it myself. It's hard for me to completely pull away because a part of me just wants him so badly, I just want to talk to him every day, be in his company, spend time doing random and stupid things, love him; but because it will never work, I know I have to look elsewhere for the same thing. I remind myself never to look for love when I'm lonely and missing him. I seek the comfort of my friends who are also single (after all, misery loves company) and just fill my time with my work, music, idle things like poetry, arts and crafts such as collages and coloring, and cultivating my confidence and life goals. I find that Ted Talks have been really inspiring to me. They lift me up when I find myself at his feet again, choking on words I can't say, wishing for the time I can't spend with him. Find inspiration, something to light your world up again. Dance in the rain, eat tons of chocolate before going on a crazy health and yogi craze, enjoy the moments you share with your family and friends. All you have is right now--make the most of it babe ;)

    • Thank you..your words means a lot. After my divorce I never thought I would feel this way about someone again. It just hurts so much. I sit and wonder what he is doing...think about the times we made love. All of our talks..and the way he made me laugh.

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  • well I think the answer is depends on your age.
    for mature people I would say that just try thinking about the things you good at and besides there are a lot other people who love you.
    This way these thought will fade away. let the time make his job.

  • yeah.. I would say spend more time together with your sisters, after reassured by your sisters and time, thing progresses. You would find another man that deserves your attention.

  • "Cry softly lonely one
    It's over, it's said, it's done
    Don't let your heart break down
    He's not the only one
    So you're blue, and lonely too
    Don't fall apart"
    "Cry softly lonely one
    Your heartaches have just begun
    And though they linger on
    Carry on, be strong"


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