Fight with ex-gf because I am okay with break up and being friends but she isn't, what can I do to mend it?

So my ex gf and I have been together on and off for about 2 years. The off periods really last no more than a few days to weeks tops. During those times it's crazy, hectic, and very emotional. As usual I am pretty cool with the break up. I don't beg for her back or act like a baby. However, tonight we decided to hang out and went to our favorite bar together. We were laughing, joking, just enjoying each other. She kept being flirty with me, stroking my beard, playing footsie, etc. So we end up leaving the bar holding hands and do so the whole car ride back. Well, when we get back I gave her a kiss on the forehead to say good night and she blows up on me that I don't respect her. I told her listen it takes two to tango. We then had a phone talk for about 2 hours in which I essentially said I respect you and your feelings but I can't live a life of fraud that I am open and honest with my feelings. I also said I can't keep having my heart emptied and refilled. Her phone died and I went to my best friends place. She texted but I had no service, she then emailed me saying that she's sad that if i don't want to talk to her that she guesses it's over. I don't really get it. Every time I think it's going great this crap happens usually around her pms or high stress events. I love her, would marry her, and cherish every moment with her. For the most part I feel its the same except during those brief periods of depression/anxiety. Thank you in advance!


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  • I recently break up with my bf and I don't want to get back anymore, cause we broke up once, we would break up again for the same reason...I feel like same as you did, it hurts so much , but it's just broken, I don't think I can save that...


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  • You keep breaking up because she throws fits for apparently no reason, and you wamt to be friends or maybe even marry her? Can you not see how unstable she/the relationship is?

    My advice is - when you find a woman like this, run. Don't try to.mend it, it's never going to work.


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