Ex acting like everything is ok between us.. help?

My ex left me on Sunday/Monday and since then she's' been acting as though she's extremely happy with her decision.

She tells me we should be friends so that we can try to establish something in the future because she can see herself with me, but her actions make me think it's all a lie.

We broke up because of the same arguments about a male friend that she works with and yesterday she tells me that they are close, closer than her and I (she slept with this guy before we were together). She says everyone at work is like a little family.

I was a total wreck the majority of the week, but now I'm getting myself back together. We talked for a good little while yesterday and even shared some laughs and jokes (wasn't really talking about us though).

The other day she says we should date other people and begged me to be her friend and said that I'm hurting her by not doing so (said by us being friends we can get that close relationship back). I love this girl and she says she loves me, just a few weeks ago she was talking about giving me a key to her place.

I'm considering just walking away. I don't know if I should give it space or just attempt to cut her off completely and see how she reacts because now it's like she doesn't care. She laughs and giggles as though she's hiding something and it's just annoying.

What do you guys think? Give her space or begin the process of cutting her completely out of my life? I asked to see her when she gets off (she probably comes up with an excuse why we can't meet though).

My mother actually like this girl smh. So I've been hearing the nonstop questions aboout her.
I'm torn because this would be my second heartbreak. She is only the second girl that I decided to genuinely give my heart to. Like I don't know what to do because if I leave I will lose her forever but it's like she's leaving no choice.


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  • Honestly, I think that she is messing around with that guy. She wants to keep you around, just in case things don't work out with him. I believe she really cares about you, but I think that she still might like this other guy. I would just be her friend, no strings attached, but don't bring up the other guy or anyone else on her job, because the conversation will shift over to the guy. Talk about other things, not for too long though. Maybe you should slowly drift away during the process so that you will not become so emotionally connected


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  • I would cut her off completely especially if you still have feelings for her. its hard to do, but staying friends with a ex girlfriend/boyfriend is much harder to do then one would think. you don't want to hear about other guys she is dating and you don't want to be left on the side lines if she doesn't date someone else and comes crawling back like you are a spare tire. vent to friends, but only those that won't trash her that is not helpful. try and do something that you never did during the relationship because for some reason she prevented you from doing those things. good luck.

    • Thanks, do you think she will eventually see why she had and try to mend fences because I'm doing nc now.

    • See what*

  • well damnw ell nigga damn..


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