Should I try to get him back when he isn't busy or am I only in love with the idea of him?

So lets make this short. Ex bf was smart, dressed nicely, and polite. He also ditched me a few times but he is actually a very busy student and he usually apologized. I also made the mistake of treating him badly at first though he still cared about me. Now, we remained friends and he knows if he is ever too stressed with life that I am willing to spend time with him. We barely talk except on specific days where he will randomly go up to me.

He usually responds to my texts (I send about two a week or one a week) asking if he is okay or questions about our homework. He did ignore one text where I invited him to my best friend’s party. He tends to look at me and doesn’t talk to me unless I talk to him. He broke up with me bc he was too busy for a relationship which he kinda was.

He acts cold to all his friends (including me bc he is usually very tired) unless I make him smile or laugh (which I’ve been able to do) or his best friend, Jason, play Skyrim with him (which occurs very rarely). I still hold feelings for him; don’t know if he does for me though. He broke up with me a month ago. Before then, we had great dates and were very close then his work took over and he got cold. We are 17. No sex.
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Forgot to mention, my friends told me I should make him promise that we'll get back together after college but I feel rather uncomfortable doing that bc I don't know how he feels about me and I was told to ignore him.
And I've been told that he and I'll get together again and that he and I won't date again so I am very confused.


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  • noo seriously, my mate's been with his gf for 4 years.. he got a scholarship and is now studying at oxford!
    he's still with his girl coz he cares for her!
    i know studies and work comes first but there should be a balance..
    i know you wanted me to answer 'YES' but heyy u're definitely not his priority!
    but if you want, try n settle things once and for all or else after some years he can break up again for his studies or whatever & ull be left with nothing!

    • Interesting. I honestly don't care if you had said yes or no since I am stuck in this situation but mate you got a point. Oi I always wanted to study at Oxford, any advice? Thanks. Cheers!

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    • melbourne seems nice!
      anyway there's a lot of good guys out there i believe! all you need to do is choose carefully :)
      good luck mate

    • Yeah but he was a nice mate. Thanks mate. :)

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  • I read a quote recently which i find to be very true. Love isn't who you can see yourself with its who you can't see yourself without. If you can't see yourself without him then hold on if you can then you should just cut ties cause why should you wait around for something that may never happen. I also suggest that you keep yourself busy with social events to show him what he's missing out on. Another quote im going to mention is if it matters you'll find a way if not you'll find an excuse, im sorry chick but if he really cared about you he would make time for you. But dont forget you two are young he probably feels like he is too young for a serious relationship.

    • I actually can't see myself with him and I am keeping myself preoccupied. He use to make time for us when we're dating. Interesting, thanks mate!

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