My ex boyfriend and i broke up a couple months ago but he's still controlling.?

This is a complicated situation. My ex bf and i broke up in January of this year... we were together for over 2 years... yet we still talk like we're together and he confuses me in thinking that we are yet when i ask him about us he reminds me that we aren't in a relationship. A situation occurred last week where i went out to the club (i hardly ever go out since i got with him) i decided to go out just to do something different and to get out and i messaged him and told him i'm going to the club and he says i should never speak to him again and he's considering me dead.. just because i went out.. i don't get it because we aren't together so why is he getting upset? ... while we were together i would have never gone out because i felt no need to because i was in a relationship and i don't like going out and i know he hates when i go out... bare in mind that this entire situation is long distance... what should i do? i really love this guy and i think he feels the same way... i tried talking to him but he says i should leave him alone or he ignores me... it's been over a week we haven't spoken and this isn't the first time something like this is happening. once he ignored me for 3 weeks..


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  • It REALLY sounds like he loves you... I'd start following the no contact rule with him.


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  • Well he sounds really manipulative and you said it yourself, controlling. You aren't together anymore so I highly suggest you stop ALL contact. Don't read his texts, text him, answer his calls, call him, email, Skype, talk in person... any of it. Just stop it all so you both can move on. No one can really move on when that person is still in their life, let alone a controlling person.

    Add to that its long distance so you don't really know what he's doing while he's telling you how to live your life. That's not okay. If you want to go out with your girls, go out. Any relationship needs trust so if in the event you did want to try again he needs to trust that you can have a night out with your girls and still be loyal. Being controlling is not okay or healthy, please get yourself out of that asap.


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