My ex boyfriend of 5 years ago still in contact with me.?

my ex boyfriend and i (first love) had a bad breakup 5 years ago... we were together for 5 years and he broke up with me because he thinks we just grew apart. We didn't end up speaking on good terms for about 4 years because it wasn't comfortable for either of us.. reason being he cheated on me a few times and did some really messed up things and he found out i cheated on him... about a few months ago we've been talking basically every week... he usually starts the convos and its short and the convos are about him sending me pics of himself, a cute pic of a puppy or funny videos...i don't know how i should take all of this.. if he means more to it or if he just wants to be on good terms with me... what do you think? and how should i treat him?


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  • treat him how u want to b treated


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