How do you slip away and disappear from a guy without having to confront him?

Disregard my last question I guess because I realize I should see the red flags as a clear No No sign

The guy is the controlling manipulative type and I know I'm the kind of person who gets caught up in that abusive situation. I've had toxic friendships and always was intrigued by those Lifetime movies.

Sadly I wouldn't be surprised in I ended up in an abusive relationship, even though I don't want to. [My parents didn't have a bad relationship but it wasn't completely loving as I wished it was. My dad would always have other women and my mom didn't seem to mind. She stayed faithful hoping he'd come back and stay.]

Well anyways I've tried slipping away but I thought it'd be rude to ignore the guy's text message since it's rare for him to text first.
I don't want to hurt his feelings for me not wanting anything to do with him anymore.
I don't want him in my life even as a friend.

He tries to belittle me saying I'm stuck up, close minded, childish and weak. Honestly I took offense and let it get to me.

There's a chance I'll see him around town so I don't know if going ghost would be good.

Ladies how do you effortlessly disappear from a guy cut him out of your life without directly telling him Good bye?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just ignore him, his calls, text messages, and if you we him around town, pretend not to. Don't make an effort for eye contact, don't go up to him and chit chat, just be estranged. It works best. Good luck :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • You are in a complicated situation.

    • Unfortunately -_-

    • I would have given same opinion like stardust on gals column gave you. But i fear he would turn more abusive for suddenly ignoring him.

    • Ya that's what I'm thinking so I'll just slowly stop responding as much

What Girls Said 3

  • Star is right just let go for your own sake who cares about his feelings, i'm sure he'll find someone else


  • Just go ghost and block his number


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