Buying flowers for ex, good or bad idea?

Long story short, broke up only due to distance with her. There is still something there and I don't know how to reignite it. We haven't talked for half a year, yet she messages me asking for stuff like photos that we took together... These type of messages are just screaming for attention, but what I fear is that she just craves that exactly, because everytime I asked her why don't we Skype, she kinda started talking off topic and made excuses. I know that I'm being dumb, and hopeful at the same time. I know that if she wanted to get together again she would've made it clear. So what are all these messages about... The ones she sends telling me that she was looking on Google maps at streets we used to walk on etc...

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, her birthday is coming up. Should I get her flowers anonymously? Or would that be the dumbest move ever.

Ps. I know flowers won't get her back, but I want to make her happy... And I want her to experience that feeling that someone still cares. Maybe I shouldn't as that will just make her run away from me. Girls haha, the less we chase you, the more you chase us.


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  • Are you still the same distance apart? I would not get her flowers.

    • Still the same distance... Sadly. But I'm finishing university now so I'll be free to move if needed.

    • I still don't think it's a good idea to buy them. I'd try to gauge interest first.

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