Cheating is about unforgiveness?

I have noticed that men especially that went through a break up with first love due to cheating are cheaters themselves. Could it be that they never forgave that other person and that other person never got what they deserved. Is it that they still don't forgive them but yet still at the same time still love them too. Unfortunately because of circumstances they need to continue with life. Is it because of them not forgiving that causes them to hurt others. With forgiving comes healing and being able to have coped with the situation.

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A man can't deal with a cheating girlfriend, even if he has cheated on her multiple times. When a man learns that his woman has been cheating, he gets mixed emotions; he's angry, sad, jealous, frustrated and he may not know how or to whom to express his feelings for fear of being ridiculed. He can't sit on the corner and talk with his brethren about it as that not only damages his reputation, but bruises his ego.

A woman will hurt for days or even months when her man cheats, but the moment she starts talking to her girlfriends about the problem, it relieves her pain. She has a support group. The man, however, in deciding to keep his feelings inside, carries around his pain for years, which may lead to continuous fights between the couple, or even death.


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  • Sometimes, that might be true. Some guys don't know how to deal with pain, and you can see some users here have degenerated from being a hurt guy into a woman-hating twat.

    • Exactly that's what I mean they feel that all women cheat so they might as well too. They get in relationships for the benefits but not because they love is just to say they are in a relationship. Like they never moved passed that phase in their life and they see that first woman that cheated on every woman they are with.

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  • well it goes both ways I think. I mean I been cheated on, and toyed with. But when you go above and beyond for someone and get nothing in return, how would you feel? would you be mad? angry? you do so much for a person, stand by them and they stab you in the back?

    • Yes I know it goes both ways. I know women do the same but I said men because men normally harbor their pain more. When something happens to a man he's suppose to keep it in and just deal with it for years it seems. Yes I know it has happened to me too. We have to remember that everyone is different and it's the environment that creates a person. I have noticed that spiritual people or someone that feels their is something more than them out there are good mates. They feel karma exists and what goes around comes around than they are good people to be with. I feel though there is a big difference between a guy that gets dumped from a minor thing like having to move, or being a druggie and now has changed, or drinking and now has changed. To a person who was cheated on as now it's a betrayal. So I do feel that men just like women that get cheated on are unforgiving to the the other gender. They are in relationships and get married but it doesn't mean they dealt with that emotion.

    • Pretty much I feel truthful forgiveness would help a person stop thinking only about themselves and start caring about others again. Of course forgiving is a hard thing to do as we feel they shouldn't be forgiven and the hell with them. At the end though were hurting ourselves as well everyone is going to hurt us. Believe it or not there are some great people that won't dare cheat on their partners. While cheaters continue to wallow on the past.

    • I know where it hurts, and how it hurts, thats why I stay loyal. Forgive..MOVE ON.. and FORGET him.

      People wallow in the past if someone they really love walks out on them.

  • When a woman cheats on a man it makes him feel insecure, impotent, and not able too measure up.i think that a woman cheating even if its with another woman is way worse than a man cheating


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