Guys, do lie about cheating even when you're caught? :(?

So this morning when I was waiting for my bf to get up to take me to work, me and his housemate were talking... jus about things goin on in our life... and he randomly said my bf is full of shit so I asked him to elaborate. He then got real quiet and kept changing the subject. Then I said "Common... I've been with this guy for 4 years...what do you know" After a bit of convincing I asked "Did he cheat on me?" and after telling him I wouldn't tell him, he nodded, but wouldn't go into detail and just said he doesn't like lying for him. He wouldn't tell me like how far things got, but only said he saw one of his female friends briefly while she was over.

I know who this girl is so I then right away called her bf and told him and told me it's impossible because he read her texts and my bf told her "i'm surprised you haven't made any moves on me yet" (This is why they don't talk anymore, her bf found out how inappropriate my bf was being.)

My boyfriend denied the whole thing, saying "You know I had this friend and you KNOW nothing happened! I'm going to kill whoever spreaded this rumor!" He cornered me and started getting in my face demanding who told me, what I knew, and telling me what I think is true is not true. He really scared me so I ended up telling him his housemate told me.

I feel really bad. Now his housemate doesn't want me coming over anymore... :( Like I don't know who to believe. I know they are both friends, but he has confided in me my bf is immature and I can do a lot better. My bf told me his housemate has misunderstood and maybe just wants us broken up because he see's how much I get hurt :( I don't know :(


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  • Wow, I got lost in that. So basically you're on the fence... just go with the one that offers no benefit of the doubt. It's the disease free option.


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