How to get over a confusing ex?

Me and my girlfriend of one year broke up around new years. wasn't exactly a smooth breakup. she was talking to some guy and they were going out for dinner and stuff when we broke up and like a day later they were going out. so safe to say it wasn't easy for me. Although I've never really gotten over her. I still like her and a few days ago she messaged me saying how sorry she was bla bla bla. we got talking and last night I told her that I can't keep messaging her because I still have feelings for her and I know nothing will happen. she understood but a few hours later messaged me saying she missed me. so I messaged her this morning she replied once then disappeared. I messaged her again tonight and she done the same. I really dont know what the best thing to do is. I mean she kept all the letters and stuff I sent her and she always goes on about how "I make her happy"


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  • don't talk to her I don't know how you feel but its like she's keeping you as a second option her relationship failed with the other guy knowing you still had feelings for her she thinks like she can come back to you no matter what and your going to accept her apology and get back with her she needs to put in the work and treat you a lot better before you ever take her back you do exactly what she does to you because if she wants to be treated right she's needs to treat you right im not saying be mean to her but if she ignores you then you ignore her because she has been doing this multiple times and if she was happy she wouldn't be going out looking for better knowing she can't find anyone as sweet and as nice as you so i would stay busy stay single for a while focus on your life and what you want for yourself hang with friends a lot thats the best way of moving on from this is to hang with friends and family and stay busy


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