How is it so easy for him to just walk away?

4 years together, we have a 2 yr son, I have given him everything, supported him through everything but like any couple we have had some problems. he has always been friends with girls and that didn't bug me until he refuse to make it known that we were official or stopped taking me around his friends. also his career takes him away from home for 6+ months a year and also he won't even talk about moving in or the next step. but then he says he wants what we have and that he is not giving up on this relationship, but he doesn't try to make us work or fix things. he just leaves and stops all communication and doesn't try anymore? why?


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  • Chances are he was signing all over the place, and you just missed the signs.

    But yeah it is easy for guys to walk away. We can compartmentalise our feelings and just do it.


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  • Wow, that sounds like a rough situation. Does he stop all communication for the entire time he is away? Does he stop the communication every time he is away or is it a new thing?

    • this is the 3rd year doing long distance and the first time he stopped communicating or trying to be who we were when we first met. all emotions are gone

    • It seems really cold that he would just cut it off like that, do you think there is someone else? Did you confront him about the fact that he stopped making it known that you were official? How is his relationship with your son?

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  • I'm so sorry hun...but he's using you...But your a strong woman leave him n take your kids with you.


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