Getting obsessed with the relationship...what did he mean?

My boyfriend dumped me saying it's not going anywhere and added that I am getting obsessed with the relationship.

We met like 2-3 times a week, I never asked for more; we usually messaged each other everyday, but I never bombed his phone. We've both taken the initiative to text the other or initiate hang outs. Even when he got distant during the final two weeks and stopped finding me first, I texted him at most once a day

What did he mean by getting obsessed?


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  • If you don't feel that you were being obsessive then you probably weren't and he was just trying to voice a feeling he was unclear about (or give you an excuse). I have dated obsessive women before and what you are describing is definitely not obsessive. How long were you together?

    • 8 months...
      We did have a disagreement one month beforehand. It's because I was upset about something he did/has been doing for a while. I hoped to tell him how I feel and indeed I got a bit emotional like shed some tears before I talked. And he didn't take it well, said I ruined his weekend by talking about it, he did whatever he wants and I should not date and it's not fun. I shut up after that though it kinda hurt. We got better the following night.

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    • I want him back but I don't know how to, he sounded like he's pretty sure about dumping me.
      My friends said i should move on and that he's not that nice of a guy anyway. But I love him and want him back.

    • Have you been keeping in touch with him since the break up?

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  • If it's over how can you be obsessed

    Maybe he meant you were too into like oh my boyfriend this and that

    • like talking to my friends about my boyfriend?

    • Yep and bragging

    • I talked to my friends about my boyfriend when I have a boyfriend problem, and when it's girls catch up time (everyone talks a bit about their relationship). other than that...not much?

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