Am I being silly that her ex-boyfriend lives with her and her parents?

So, we've been dating for eight months...we're in love and I deeply love this girl. I am having a really tough time dealing with the fact that her ex-boyfriend lives with her, her son, and her parents. His room is right next to my girlfriends room. He's always there and sometimes their home alone. They even use to live alone together years ago. She assures me that there is nothing there..she still loves him but not in love with him. He cheated on her and she says she can't ever be with someone that cheats. The whole situation gets to me. If we're out or she's at my place and he calls she always answers his calls. So my question is am I being silly or am I justified to have an issue with it?


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  • I would never enter into that situation. At. All. Especially if you're really 35-45. You know what's up.

    • yadda, break it down for me a little on what your thoughts are? I need an opinion or insight to justify my thoughts and feelings...

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    • honestly, I love the girl enough that if the dating goes the way its been going...I would consider marrying her...but the boyfriend would have to go find his own place! lol

    • You can approach it at that angle..but what if she's been banging the ex all along? Are you just going with 'ignorance is bliss'? I know you have no way of truly knowing what goes on.

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  • ithink you are being silly

    • Manyin, so you think I should take her word for it when she tells me there's nothing between the two of them?

  • It would set the bells ringing.

  • I would never ever EVER have anything to do with someone that's got an ex living with them. Hell no.


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  • doesn't sound that great man. I mean why does he live there? and exactly what is their relationship that he has to live there and she has to answer his every call

    it just sounds messy. I guess I can get that maybe they have a child together but it's really blurring the lines of their relationship having him there, with her family, while dating you.

    I think you are def justified in having an issue. wouldn't she consider telling him he's gotta find his own place?

  • doesn't smell good at all man!
    sorry to put it like this but i wouldn't be surprised if she ditched you to back to her ex..
    i mean seriously, 8 months is a long time long enough for the guy to win her back...
    ure just being used as an emotional support!
    but heyy u're the only one who can be sure of that!
    solution: just sit with your girl and talk about it!
    tell her that this situation is making you uneasy..
    maybe u can even ask her to move in with you!
    but dnt rush things!
    anyway goodluck mate


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