Why dose or do my ex at times cross his arms when talking to me?

I notice something weird and odd about my loco ex. So he's been distance lately not talking to me like he usually would. And that Ok- he doesn't haft to were not together anymore and I'm starting to feel likr were not even friend's. But a few times before couple of time's we was soooo close almost like best friends would hang out like all the times. Text each other and still some what flirt lol and touch each other. Until I found out a few months ago he may be dating or seeing someone else. HE Sure don't come around like he once did. But anyways: the only time we really talk not it's only at work anf not outside. TBH- I miss Him Sooo much it's like I lost another hafr of me. But I no sooner or later I would haft to move on and let him go. But like I was about to say! when I see him at work there's random days he will talk to me. And when he dose it's awkward as hell on both parts him and I. But just on Friday - he did better with communications with me and begin very chatty. But like I said it was awkward like his face was a little red and so was mine's. But Anways as him and I was talking he had his arms crossed and legs a part and then his arms to his side. I mean his body language was telling me somthing else like his feet was pointed my way and he was standing like right in front of me with his arms cross. And I just start noticing him doing that and I also feels like he's staring at me he told me two different times that he likes my hair and notice that I have lost weight. But why is it when it's less people around he talks to me and or just says hi. And when it's a few more people that comes around he walks off or become distance again. Why Dose He Do This?


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  • It sounds like standard distancing. Unopenness + simple kind observations without any prevailing interest.

    • So what you mean by that?

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