What would you do when your heart is bleeding?

what would you do when you decide to get over one person, you heart is bleeding, you couldn't eat, you couldn't sleep, you feel so lonely even in crowed place.. what would you do when you feel this weak?


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  • Whatever you do, don't turn to drinking. It really only amplifies feelings so you would end up feeling much worse. I'd say talk to your friends, your really close ones, or maybe someone that is going through a similar situation. It helps to have someone there to support you. And just talk to them about it, be completely 100% open and honest with whoever you decide to talk to, tell them how you are feeling, tell them what you are thinkingc. The only way to get better is to get everything out in the open and try to move on from it. Its sucks I know, moving on is never easy, but it will happen I promise, and having someone there to talk to will only help it go faster. I've had personal experience with this, so please take into consideration what I am saying. And if you don't have anyone there to talk to, please feel free to message me, I'm more than willing to listen to what you have to say and maybe try to help you

    • Thank you for your advice, if I talk about this with someone I just couldn't stop my tears, I may still need to be quiet and alone for a while. thank you really

    • I understand completely, take a little bit of time, but I really would talk to someone. Its okay to cry, you may honestly spend more time crying than actually talking, but that is still a good thing, you will be getting it out. And it will eventually become easier to talk about it. You just have to stay strong, and believe me you are stronger than you realize. Time heals everything, this is no exception.

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  • Whenever I'm sad or feeling emotional pain I love to read books. Getting into another world where your problems don't matter anymore is liberating to me.

  • "What would you do when your heart is bleeding?"

    Get my ass to a hospital and fast!

  • try and not to cry. Try and just hope you can make it through the day.

    • I will, I am trying...

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    • He is ignoring me too... I just don't want to beg or cry in front of him...

    • ignore him. he's not worth your tears or pain

  • Go to the doctors, and if they dont help in which case all the time. Go to God, because he is with us all the time.

    • I see that you haven't selected Most Helpful. Would you by any chance be willing to grant me with Most Helpful?

  • If my heart bleeds someone have to call an ambulance

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